Sedgwick Surface Planer And Thicknesser

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Sedgwick Surface Planer And Thicknesser


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EQUIPMENT TYPE Surface Planner and Thicknesser
MAKE   Sedgwick  
SERIAL NO   12V728  
YEAR of manufacture Unknown  
VOLTAGE   380/440  
DIMENSIONS MAX 1250mm L x 750mm W x 1000mm H      
WEIGHT APPROX    500kg  
SPECIFICATION   DC Brake System Installed        
    Surface Planner - Max Working Width    320mm W
    Surface Table Total Length                    1000mm L        
    Cutterblock Stop Time                      3.8 seconds
    Surface Capacity max                       300 mm
    Thickness Capacity                           200mm
    Surface table Fence                          760mm L x 115mm H 
    Surface Table Fence Cants To      45 degrees
    Thicknesser Table                            2 rollers
EQUIPMENT CONDITION Thicknesser Feed Speed                Approx 5 m/min
    Re-built & Serviced.