Kreg DK5100 Pro Series Panel Boring

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Panel Drilling Power! New to the market, the DK5100 multi-spindle pocket hole machine drills up to five pocket holes in one machine cycle.

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The machine contains 5 separate drill motors mounted 6" on center. Each drill motor can be individually actuated for the ability to drill one, two, three, four, or five pocket holes at a time. The ability to individually actuate any one of the drill spindles along with the 6" on center option makes these machines perfect for drilling pocket holes in panels to make cabinet sides, floors, walls, and even drawer box components. Like all Kreg pocket hole machines, the DK5100 features hardened steel drill guides that maximize drill bit life, swing stops that ease material positioning, and a one-touch foot pedal that fires all spindles at once.

# 5 drill spindle configuration, synchronized stroke

# Individually actuated motors

# Entirely pneumatic design

# Hardened steel drill guides to maximize drill bit life

# One-touch, foot pedal cycle

# Swing stops for optimized material positioning

# Dust collection chutes for efficient chip removal

# Prefilter and automatic lubricator