SCM TI 7 Linvincible

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Electrospindle: machining centre technology service for the woodworker.


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Absolute machining precision and absence of vibration due to the perfectly balanced structure of the electrospindle. The electrospindle’s direct drive eliminates maintenance procedures common with conventional belt driven systems.

Rapid tool changeover: flexible and safe with a time saving of 75% in the machine set up compared to the traditional systems. Maximum coupling precision with the double air jet system that keeps contact surfaces clean.

Tool detection systemsetting up speedily and safely. This system eliminates any manual operation for setting up the required work allowing the operator to automatically input all the work data.

"Easy touch"the advantage from day one that guides you everywhere. The system guides the operator every step of the way offering suggestions that avoid the operator making any mistakes.

Technical Data

L'invincibile   ti 7
Machine version   electronic 
Worktable dimension mm 1200 x750
Spindle tilting mm +/- 45.50°
Spindle base projection from table mm 54
Max. tool diameter retractable under work table mm 300 x 75