Kundig Brilliant With “Oblique” Technology

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When sanding conventionally with oscillation, belt errors (grit outbreaks, belt wear marks) are running parallel to the conveyor direction along the workpiece, always in the same spot.


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Kundig Brilliant With “Oblique” Technology

This leaves the operator with a very common problem:

Oscillation marks. With the oblique sanding technology, these inevitable belt errors run slightly diagonally to the conveyor direction, thus the undesirable effect is evenly spread on the workpiece surface and has no visible impact on it anymore.

This makes for much more homogeneous surfaces.

In addition, raised fibers are being cut off much more efficiently thanks to the shearing cut effect.

Brilliant Working Widths

1100 mm W x 200 mm H

1350 mm W x 200 mm H

1600 mm W x 200 mm H

1900 mm W x 200 mm H

2200 mm W x 200 mm H

Other working widths available on request.